We have produced many attractively branded products for Cloud Nine, it started with an umbrella for their ‘let it rain’ campaign and led to us creating and making hairbrushes, hair clips, bags to present these products in, recently we have made straw hats in a tube and hand made polished acetate combs.

Working with Cloud Nine

We are currently working on more projects. Please take a look at the video of myself and Gavin Rae of Cloud Nine discussing some of our creations.

Hairbrush and clips in presentation bag

The brief was to develop a gift pack that would be a relatively low cost gift for a customer that already owned some Cloud Nine hair straighteners. In essence an easy purchase for the customer to make being brand loyal and with it being priced competitively and at a much lower cost point than buying more straighteners.
The result was the pack you see here, which we designed in collaboration with the client, and then made and delivered. We even printed the shelf talker so that all the client had to do was retail the product. It sold out!

Roll bags for German distributor

In collaboration with the client, we designed a portable roll bag with three compartments to hold hair straighteners, a hair dryer and hair clips. During the process, we provided pre-production samples in different materials, to help the client understand what the final product would look and feel like, assuring them of the quality.


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