We worked with Centrepoint, a brilliant charity helping support young homeless people, with their branded charity merchandise.


Centrepoint is the UK's leading youth homelessness charity, together with their partners, they support more than 10,000 homeless young people each year by giving them the practical and emotional support they need to find a job and live independently.

One of their biggest annual fundraising events is the “Sleep Out” where people sleep outside for one night to raise money for this charity. Sleep Out doesn’t aim to replicate homelessness but it does give a small insight into the challenges faced by homeless young people while raising funds to support them.

Supporting Centrepoints charity 'Sleep Out'

Faye Edmondson, Senior Corporate & Regional Fundraising Manager, has a challenging job balancing the books as budgets are always tight.  When Faye approached Parkers Branded it was specifically with the intention of sourcing an identical quality bobble hat to be worn at this year’s sleep out but to save money over the previous year’s cost.

Providing high quality at reasonable cost

Parkers Branded were able to match the quality of the previous hats but at a significant cost saving for Centrepoint.

Good luck to everyone who will be supporting the Sleep Out events this year.


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