All the greatest sellers are really the greatest buyers

26 May 2022


It’s all very well to say that we can source products in China or anywhere in the world, it’s entirely another matter when you’ve travelled to these places and met face to face with your potential supplier. It really is amazing the reaction you get when you are prepared to travel half way across the world to meet a supplier and discuss one of your customer’s projects with them.
As an example of the strength of our relationships, we’d like you to have a quick look at this video of a supplier that we have worked with for 17 years and from this you’ll understand that the trust and mutual understanding is evident for all to see. The fact that this is very funny only adds to its authenticity…

Our Relationships with Suppliers
We have personal relationships with key suppliers of all the generic branded products that you would expect, pens, bags, keyrings, coasters etc. etc. but as importantly through developing our relationships we have been able to take making bespoke products to another level. Nowadays, we have 4 or 5 key suppliers who are enthusiastic in interpreting our concepts and turning them into physical products you may not have thought were possible.

In this way we have been able to make aluminium roses on stems, special shaped hairbrushes and combs, highly designer training socks, silicone ice cube trays, truck shaped power banks and USBs… the sky’s the limit!



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