Parkers to visit PSI, Europe’s largest promotional product tradeshow

26 May 2022

We’re pleased to announce that 3 members of the team at Parkers Branded will be attending the PSI in January 2019 – Europe’s largest trade show for the promotional products industry.

At PSI 2018, 925 exhibitors from 37 countries presented their companies to 17,342 visitors. In 2019, PSI will for the first time take place concurrently with PromoTex Expo and Viscom in Düsseldorf from 8 to 10 January. Together, the three events will provide an overview of the world of advertising and selling that’s one-of-a-kind in Europe.

Professional, Strong and International – that’s what the three letters in PSI have always stood for and that’s why Parkers Branded will be there looking to gain competitive advantage from enhanced knowledge. Network/main-page/2618/

On 10 January, the last day, PSI is opening its doors to end users but only when accompanied by their nominated distributor, if any of our customers are out there and want to take a look at the vast variety of product please contact, we’ll be happy to help you plan your trip.



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